V-Dipole antennas

PVC pipe V-dipole antenna

A collection of V-dipole antennas for VHF, which is the spectrum that weather satellites transmit on. There are many variations of this design using various materials within the Radio amateur community. The design for this initial model is based on the work of a radio amateur (Adam 9A4QV) who published an instruction manual on his blog.

Branch V-dipole antenna
Branch V-dipole antenna detail

YAGI antennas

The following two YAGI antennas were tuned to 250 MHz for capturing signals of UHF satellites used for SATCOM.

5-element YAGI antenna
4-element YAGI antenna


Ghost Satellite Box

A view of the ghost satellite box.
Ghost satellite box

The ghost satellite box is a toolkit for attempting communication with paranormal entities haunting the UHF radio spectrum in the earth's orbit.

The script used to control GQRX can be found here.