After two weeks of uninterrupted rain it finally feels a little like spring. Lured by the sun I go to the lake to test my performance setup. As well as to record and film at the lake. I take both of my cameras today to film the environment. I have an idea to shoot side by side videos and to juxtapose them later in editing software. The clouds are so ornamental today and the full spectrum camera (a modified camera recently purchased online from a member of the ghost hunter community, see figure 9) exposes unseen layers in the watery vapor mass. In combination with sound, this could serve as an analogy to my method of applying filters to the radio signal to unveil elements hidden in the noise. A group of joggers pass by like a cloud of voices. At the end of the recording session a woman with three dogs approaches me. She is curious about all the equipment I have surrounded myself with and wants to know more about what I am doing. I give her a brief introduction of my research and the signal she is hearing. “wow! I have only seen this in the movies” she exclaims.