Elevated by yesterday's discovery I head out to the lake again. The satellite tracker predicts an excellent pass over Rotterdam today. I tune the receiver to the satellites frequency and point the antenna towards south. Halfway through the pass and without a trace of the satellite, I want to change some settings of the radio receiver. Since I do not have a tripod with me I just lean the antenna straight up against my bicycle. And I cannot believe my eyes, the signal appears in the spectrum. I adjust the filter bandwidth and there it is - the signal of the satellite. The carrier frequency sounds like the satellite is howling, similar to an oscillator with a slow LFO modulating its frequency. 10 kHz next to the carrier frequency I can hear the telemetric data. It is singing a random melody that reminds me a bit of a synthesised birdsong. In eight minutes it slowly fades away as it disappears beyond the horizon. Unbelievable after six months of persistence I have finally captured it!